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Here at Twin Cities Generator we will take care of your existing generator for you.

For a long lasting reliable unit we recommend having a experienced generator tech come out once a year to service it.  Whether your generator is 20 years old or you just had it installed last year, we will do are best to keep it ready for the next power outage!

Before you call please have the make and model of your generator handy and let us know if it might need any additional repair that might have to be done.

Cost for any air-cooled unit is $250*.

Any liquid cooled unit up to 100kw is $450*.

Units over 60kw or diesel fueled give us a call.

We will come out and do the factory recommended maintenance:

-change the oil

-replace the oil filter

-replace the spark plugs

-check the air filter

-check coolant level and freeze point on liquid units

-load test the battery

-check gas supply regulator

-check for any leaks

-check generator output voltage and frequency

-test transfer switch

* Mileage restrictions to apply.  Troubleshooting and additional repairs and parts will be extra.