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Twin Cities Generator, LLC

Weak starter and voltage regulator

No spark, required new ignition rotor.

No voltage output, required new voltage regulator.

We will get your generator running!

Cracked timing case

All units load banked

If you own a generator that is in need some TLC give us a call.  At Twin Cities Generator we troubleshoot all sizes and brands from small portables up to commercial size generators.   Home standby units, Rv, Food truck, Construction generators and over the road tucks.  

1st hour rate is $125, each additional at $75 plus any parts.  Serving Minnesota and western Wisconsin!  Mileage restrictions do apply.

Please have your the Make and Model numbers before calling, Thank You

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Low voltage output, required governor speed adjustment.

Bad Voltage Regulator

Open in main power winding, required

Stator Replacement.

Slipped valve guide

No voltage output, required new voltage sensing transformer.

No governor speed control, required new mag pickup sensor.

Inhaled choke plate

Lic #EA708734